Who We Are

repair The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes ambient air quality standards for the United States, identifies areas of excessive air pollution, and issues non-attainment designations for those areas. Due to excessive emissions in the Wasatch Front, the EPA has designated five (5) counties in Utah as non-attainment zones – Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Weber and Cache.

The Davis County Health Department is responsible for the implementation and management of vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance (I/M) activities in Davis County. In this assignment, the Health Department designated the Air Quality Bureau, a body of the Environmental Health Services Division, to oversee the program. The Air Quality Bureau administers a program that is consistent with the Environmental Health Services Division’s own mission, “to aid in the elimination of all environmental factors that lead to disease, lessen quality of life, and degrade the physical environment in Davis County.”

Improving air quality is something we stand firmly behind. We live and work in Davis County, we raise our children and our grandchildren here, and we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the natural beauty and clean air we have enjoyed is maintained for future generations. For this reason, we here at the Davis County Health Department selected a program design that does what it’s meant to do – keep our air clean! As the Wasatch Front area continues to grow and new businesses bring new neighbors, it is important that we remain vigilant in our missions to maintain the air quality that makes Utah a model for better living.